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Wentworth Falls tracking

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About two weeks ago, me and two of my friends went for a tracking in the Wentworth Falls. Wentworth Falls is one of the towns in Blue Mountains area. It is famous for having well-known waterfalls. We use public transportation to get there from Kingsford. Refer to Sydney buses website if you want to know the transportation to get there. There are times when there is work on the rIMG_5855ail way so you will be transferred to a bus to reach your destination. But this is not a big fuss since the officer always there to help and buses are on-time so your travel will not be interrupted.

We had a light breakfast (brekkie as Australian call it) in a small beautiful cafe name Vittoria if I am not mistaken. It is across the Wentworth Falls Station. Walking around the area at about 9-ish, I got a feeling that people are a bit laid back there. People are gathering and talking while having their breakfast, looks like they know each other. Most shops, other than the cafes, were not opened yet. There are not a lot of people in the street.

We started the walk right after breakfast, at about 10 am to the Conservation Hut. We used GPS and map, but there are signage, make the walk easy to follow. Arriving in the Conservation Hut in about 40 minutes, we continued our walk to the National pass route. This National Pass walk is famous as one of the walks/ tracks to do in NSW. For more information, you can access here. We did not plan it in the first place, because we thought it would be too hard for us. We planned to go through the overcIMG_5911liff track, which is shorter, but due the rainy days happened before, the path was uneasy to go through. It covered by water about 20-30 cm depth. We never regret that decision. Even though we have to walk for about 4 hours from the Conservation Hut to the Wentworth Falls picnic area, we rejoiced by the various kind of amazing view the track has. We scream out loud for the first time, when we arrived in Queen Victoria lookout. Ever since, we had a never-ending “WOOOOOWW” along the track. Even we had to wear the raincoat go to through Empress fall, the falls after that, we enjoyed every step we had during the track. We use Medibank raincoat by the way. We got it for free and it is pretty good. Thanks to them 🙂

We keep went down for quite a long time, walking through the waterfall, cliffs and valleys, wet and dry track, light and very dangerous track, passing through various vegetation, saw some uncommon birds, without feeling exhausted because of the jaw-dropping views we see.

IMG_5933 IMG_5946 IMG_5957 IMG_5960 IMG_5967 IMG_6001 IMG_5997 IMG_5989 IMG_5980 IMG_5968

Then finally we saw the Wentworth fall, the biggest fall in this area, which is a highlighted part of the track. We could not help to embrace ourselves in this beautiful nature He created.

IMG_6016 IMG_6008 IMG_6020


Right after we took some pictures there, a very strong wind comes, while we are on our way up. So getting wet, although we had our raincoat on, we had to climb up to the picnic area. People says “what comes up, must come down”. In our walk that day, it is the other way around. It is like a never ending stairs with very steep ladder, almost 60-70 degree. This is the hardest part of the track. We got so exhausted when we touched the Wentworth falls lookout at about 2:30 pm. Though it is not a picnic area, we took a break and have our lunch there. It feels great having lunch with a view of the Blue Mountain. After having lunch, we walk to the picnic area, where toilet and water fountain is available then continue our way back to the station.

Overall, the walk is delightful. I am just so blessed to get the chance to enjoy the scenery and walking the track. The pictures cannot represent the real beauty of the nature and how we felt during the track. It is something I will always keep in mind. A walk to remember. Grateful the Creator of the nature.

Additional notes: Thank you for my dear friends for walking with me through this track: Erlyna Abidasari and Shita.

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  1. Looks awesome, I haven’t been there yet, Australia has soooo many lovely places to visit!

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